P A R T  O N E

This film revolves around the curiosity of what goes on in the mind of someone fighting for his or her life.


The film opens looking up into the night sky as clouds consume the stars and rain begins to fall toward the viewer.


A long shot of a vast, flat, shadowy marsh landscape only lit by the light of the lightning above, headlights of passing cars, and the occasional street light.


The next shot consists of a girl in the back seat of a speeding car, the parents distracted and arguing in the front seat, lightning and the occasional street light serve as the only lighting in the scene as rain beads swim down the windows. The car is in motion and then a green reflection turns to red on the front windshield on the beading wet glass.



Bright white headlights come from camera left then screen cuts to black, implying a car wreck and leaving the audience and the character themselves in confusion. A cut then briefly presents where the character sees themselves, the car window shatters into the air, smoke lingers in light of the headlights and the car door slowly collapses in. In this scene it will be a lot like the title sequence of Deadpool where the camera is moving faster than time. The goal of this film is to be more beautiful than gory.


A light from behind then overpowers the screen space which also signifies another oncoming car unknowingly speeding into the wreck.


This second hit of another car sends the character into a surreal state of mind/environment. She finds herself on a dock overlooking an vast,overcast, landscape. The character is met with a brief moment of panic, sadness, and confusion. She looks around realizing that environment is strangely diverse. That every part of the environment is slightly familiar of a past memory but she can’t manage to recall them cause her attention is abruptly drawn to the horizon.


The sky then begins to turn black, the wind picks up pushing her toward the horizon at the end of the dock, and a deep base like noise arises from the far distance unlike any familiar noise.


The ground begins to shake, the water that sits in front of her begins to vibrate in an unnatural manner. The landscape begins to curl over as the intensity of the sound and blackness pickup speed and intensity.


As the falloff of the landscape gets closer the water in front of her beings to elevate and collect into a tidal wave. {the viewer will know this before the character} Part one ultimately comes to an end as the tidal wave is just upon the character as if she is about to be consumed by the water.

The camera then cuts to black.

The End

{  details for part two coming Fall 2017  }