look development

M A I N  C H A R A C T E R  L O O K  D E V E L O P M E N T


UPDATED wip render of the main character – rendered with Arnold in Maya.
{WIP} Rough Blend Shapes Facial Rig


Original wip render – RenderMan


Character Turnaround – RenderMan
Primary Character nCloth Walk Cycle { sim cage only }
Primary Character nCloth Tests {WIP}

C H A T A C T E R   V I S U A L   D E V E L O P M E N T
hair + shoes = wip
character look development breakdown

L I G H T I N G  T E S T S


streetlight lighting workflow test

S H A D I N G  T E S T S
renders by Jessica Love

low poly various other leaf shaders

fractal shading test – used to model base shape for landscape

animated noise in Houdini – not final shader